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Lamb Whole Leg( Fresh)


Country: Australia

Weight: 1kg

State: Defrost

Slaughter: Halal

NOTE: We always cut it prior to sending.

If you need a whole one (around 4kg) please notify us via our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/albazaarkorea


Although a lamb has four legs, only the two hind legs produce the cut referred to as “leg of lamb”. It is a large, lean, and tender cut and can be used whole or subdivided into smaller cuts, which are usually cooked using dry heat methods, such as roasting. The whole, the bone-in leg can weigh from five to nine pounds and maybe American style (no shank bone attached) or French style (shank bone left on). The whole boned leg makes a compact and tidy roast when rolled (with or without stuffing) and tied or netted to keep its shape. It may also be butterflied (so-called because the deboned, flattened leg resembles a butterfly’s shape) for grilling.

  • Weight:
    1 kg

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