Lamb Shoulder (Fresh)

Country: Australia

Weight: 1kg

State: Fresh

Slaughter : Halal


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Fresh Lamb Shoulder is one of the most important parts of lamb because Lamb Rack & Lamb Chops are made from this very part. So, you like the chops, you should like the whole shoulder too. However, comparing to the rack and the chops, the whole shoulder is rather fatty. So, if you prefer some lean parts, please consider lamb leg instead:


  • Is fresh shoulder of Lamb fatty? : Lamb has often been criticized for being fatty and greasy meat this is because lamb fat has a higher melting point that beef or chicken. However, if you cook the shoulder nicely and slowly the fat will melt into the meat


  • Does the shoulder of lamb have bones?: It is perfect for slow braising, slow-cooked curry, a casserole or making stock. … You should find the edge of it running along one side of the shoulder.
  • Weight:
    1 kg

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