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Lamb Boneless Leg (Defrost)

Country: Australia

Weight: 1kg

State: Defrost

Slaughter: Halal


Fresh Boneless Lamb Leg – is the most tender and lean part of lamb. In the right hands, this meat can make any meal a masterpiece. This can be used for a variety of meals such as roasting, soup, braising, kebabs and the like.

Fresh Boneless Lamb Leg is very popular with foreigners in Korea, especially at the weekends.

A few more words on Lamb Boneless Leg :

Roast in the oven until medium-rare and a meat thermometer inserted in center reads 135-140ºF, anywhere from 70 minutes and up depending on the size of your roast. Remove the lamb and let it rest about 15 minutes on a cutting board. Keep in mind the temperature will increase a few degrees once it rests.

For frozen lamb please check: https://albazaarkorea.com/product/lamb-boneless-leg/

  • Weight:
    1 kg

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