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Weight: 500g State: Frozen
Country: USA Brand: Kirkland Weight: 1.36kg
Country: Vietnam Type: Peeled Vannamei Weight: 900g State: Frozen
Brand: DIAMOD Weight: 500G Pieces: 15pcs
Brand: Diamond Weight: 230g
Brand: Diamond Weight: 200g
Brand: Diamond Weight: 240g
Frozen Fresh Water Fish Weight: 500g
Brand: BOAL Weight: 1.5kg
Name: Pacific Cod Weight: 910g Type: Fish Condition: Frozen
Name: Tilapia Loins Weight: 1.13kg Type: Fish Condition: Frozen  
Weight: 1.5kg Type: Frozen/Smoked Note: It might come cut in half depending on the size of the order.
Weight: 0.9-1kg Type: Frozen/Whole
Brand: S.N. Food Weight: 250g Type: Frozen
Brand: S.N. Food Weight: 800g Type: Whole/Frozen
Brand: Rohu Weight: 1.5kg Type: Cut  

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