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Ordering Process:

Standard Delivery:

(A standard type of delivery that takes 1 day and reaches to any place inside Korea. The fee for that is 3,500 won and free for orders reaching 100,00 won.  if you reside in Jeju Island it will take 2-3 business days to reach you and  we recommend ordering from Monday – Wednesday.)

Note: Orders are prepared in the morning and shipped at 4 pm. Therefore, orders placed in the evening or night (5 pm-12am), will be shipped first. Orders ordered  after 12 pm, might be delayed and sent the next day. 


  1. Order via the site and leave a note if necessary (Note: The meat is cut to medium pieces prior to sending. If you need it whole please leave a note)
  2. .  Please, leave your address in Korean. ( Please, just paste your address in one line. You do not need to break it to 3 lines)
  3. You will receive an email from us (might take some time) asking to complete the payment.
  4. Once paid, you will receive another email confirming the payment and the date of shipping.
  5. Once shipped we will once more inform you that your order has been shipped or delayed due to some reason.
  6.  You receive your order  within 24 hours.

Express Delivery: 

( This delivery is applicable to customers living in Yongsangu area for now.  The delivery fee is 4,000 won and it is delivered within hours. It might take 2-4 hours.)

  1. Order within the website and leave a note if necessary.
  2. You will receive an email from us (might take some time) asking to complete the payment.
  3. Once paid, you will receive another email confirming the payment and the time of shipping. ( We also accept cash-on-delivery)
  4.  You receive your order same day  ( Usually within 2-4 hours)

Thank you very much,

Much Love,

Al Bazaar


  • Hello I hope you r fine.
    I am facing some problem while ordering through albazaar.
    1) I want to received the whole chicken (deforest) in pieces which we often got when we purchase from albaraka
    2) there is not showing any beef (pieces) 1kg pkg which we often purchase
    so if these things are not in list kindly add them also

  • Hello Imtiaz Afzal Khan, thank you for your comment.
    1). Chicken defrost is available under the name “Whole Chicken (Defrost)”
    2). Try “Beef Clod” or “Knuck”

    Please, leave a NOTE on your invoice for additional details. Such as cutting to pieces or removing the skin on the chicken.
    Thank you,
    Al Bazaar Team.

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  • How can order

  • The process is very easy. But for people learning English, it can be hard, we do understand.
    So, you also can order via:
    1. Phone call: 010-5601-2434
    2. Imo, Viber, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk
    3. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/albazaarkorea/
    We hope that helps, and thank you so much for being with us! Much love!

  • Hello,
    I’m a first-time customer. I just made an order and transferred payment with the order number. I didn’t seem to receive a confirmation email as mentioned in the steps above, so I thought I would check if I need to send anything else as proof of payment. Thank you!

  • Hello, Philip. Your order has been shipped already. Thank you for being with us!

  • Good day

    My son is in Mokpo and I would like to order meat for him. I am based in South Africa. Can I pay via Western Union and deposit the money in your account?
    I will be able to provide the address that the meat must be delivered to in Mokpo

  • Hello, I am a first time customer wanting to order meat for my son in Mokpo. I want to pay from South Africa using Western Union direct transfer facilities. Do you accept such transactions? Please advise. Regards

  • We sent you an email to your email address. Thank you!

  • Many thanks writing this post and making it public

  • Hi I put down my work adress so I want my stuff to be delivered on Monday not the weekend. Please confirm if that is okay so I can make payment

  • Sorry, we already sent it though 🙂

  • Hi, I just purchased the lamb and transferred the money. Later I realized that you asked me to give the address in Korean. But I gave the address in English. Hope there is no problem. Please advise the meat is shipped without problems. Any contact address to place order via handphone ?

  • Hello, I have place an order which should have been delivered today. My wife made 3 orders to the same address previously and always arrived the day after without a problem. Maybe I am not lucky. Let me know what happened

  • Hello Al-bazaar. I just ordered 8 kg half lamb and 3 kg chicken. This is the first time for me to order online through albazaar. I already transferred the money to your designated bank account with the order number as title. My location is pyeongteak.

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