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Dear customers,

The minimum permitted weight to be ordered is 1kg of meat or equivalent of the same weight.

Thank you!

Much Love,

Al Bazaar


  • Good day

    Order #1961

    I just ordered beef patties and paid for it as well. I only now saw that the minimum order is 3kgs.

    What happens now? Will you send my order or reimburse my money?


  • Hello Dilnawaaz, from 2019 we removed the minimum order policy. Now it’s okay!

  • What is the minimum order policy now? Even though I have added three items but still it shows the delivery fee of 4000.
    How can I avoid delivery fee? You said above that minimum order policy has been removed but in the cart, it still shows 4000 delivery fee.

  • Hello Faizan, our minimum order is 1kg. We do not offer free shipping but, if you order up to 10kg shipping is still 4,000 won and if you order 11-20kg shipping is 5,000won

  • Is this certified halal meat? How do we know?

  • yes, all halal certified.

  • Ok. Thanks for quick services. Satisfied with quality products.

  • You are welcome ^^

  • why I can’t buy/select Lipton Tea jar more than one? It just can’t increase the quantity?

  • Hello, sorry it was limited as the quantity was small. Now, it’s fixed. We are sorry for the inconvience.

  • Assalamualaikum brother, i just ordered, my order no 12710, but i forget to put the order number on my transferred memo. Kindly please proceed my order as i’ve already transferred directly on my bank account name. Thank you

  • Waaleykum assalam. It’s okay no problem.

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