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100% halal market at your fingertips.
In South Korea, Islam (이슬람교) is a minority religion. The Muslim community is mostly centered in Seoul and Mosques were built around the country. According to the Korea Muslim Federation, about 100,000 Muslims are living in the beautiful land of South Korea, both Koreans and foreigners.
With the undeniable growth of Muslim people in the country, comes the increasing demand for halal products. And it’s a great challenge to find these because of the diversity of the communities around Seoul. We know it because we ourselves had problems finding halal food inside the country.
Majority of the Muslim community in South Korea are foreigners – working, studying or on a vacation. Most of them are very busy to scrutinize the cities finding halal groceries. With these in mind, we brought up AL BAZAAR KOREA.
AL BAZAAR KOREA is an e-commerce company aiming to help Muslim people in South Korea have a better life in a foreign country. Since the cost of living here is not cheap, it’s always advisable to prepare your own meal at home. You are sure it’s halal, you are sure it’s healthy. Thus, we promote halal meat and groceries and soon to expand to more varieties of products. The company’s main goal is establishing a friendly community and encourage people to eat halal food no matter how busy they are. Al Bazaar will bring you the halal market right to your doorsteps.
So, if you are looking for high-quality halal meat and groceries for very affordable prices, Al Bazaar is the best shop to get these. Not only that we deliver fast, but we also deliver anywhere in South Korea.
Experience the highest convenience of shopping halal products.

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